What do the public think of wealthy families?

Read the surprising results of the first comprehensive quarterly survey into what shapes public opinion on super-wealthy families, undertaken by Transmission Private, and get practical guidance to shape opinions in a positive way.

The reputational and privacy risks to families have never been greater. Evidence and data-led insight is the key to wresting back control, changing perceptions and getting on the front foot.

Key headlines

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  • More than 70% of the public think positively of self-made entrepreneurs – although public perception is tougher on those with inherited wealth. Families who get on the front foot can win the battle for public opinion.

  • Employee welfare has one of the biggest positive (and negative) impacts on reputation – providing practical, and unexpected, routes for many families to positively control, and recover, their reputations.

  • Philanthropy is not an effective way for families to recover their reputation, although it does extend a family’s social capital and networks. Charitable activity should not be pursued exclusively for reputational gain.

  • For many more actionable results that can guide strategies for families to engage external stakeholders, such as the public, banks and government, download the full results.

Jordan Greenaway

Managing Director

Transmission Private

“Privacy is changing. Social media has exploded the line between public and private, and reverberations will be felt for years to come. There will be more information online about families in the future. Having accepted that reality, it is the responsibility of families, and their advisers, to know what is out there – and, critically, curate that information to project a positive, representative, and balanced image of the family.”


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